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In order to achieve the maximum integration of all social areas, including a large existing terrace, the architect Fernanda Marques, added pivoting doors that could be permanently opened or closed. The decision to merge all areas or not then resided with the residents, as they could choose what position to have the doors. “They possessed some excellent objects and picture, not to mention a lot of enthusiasm to see their collection grow. They found the right architect. I adore art and it was a great pleasure to lend them a hand in this aspect”, highlights the architect, who helped the family compose a substantial collection that includes works from artists like: James Kudo, Marcia Xavier, Betina Vaz, Estela Sokol, Guilherme Dable, Arthur Lescher and Laura Vinci among others. With the objective of emphasizing such a representative collection, some walls were deliberately left empty. “My challenge was creating an interesting dialogue between works with completely different styles, exhibiting them in a way that they had autonomy and were not simply a piece within the composition,” resumes Fernanda. View more View full description
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