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Alex Hanazaki is a Brazilian architect whose Japanese ancestry determines an essential connection to the land. Such repertoire is present when assimilating the complexity and sophistication of urban life. Based in São Paulo, a multicultural megalopolis par excellence, his work combines cosmopolitan spirit to nature’s materiality. Hanazaki’s contemporary aesthetics flirts both with minimalist linearity and purism from modern legacy while exploring an irreverent exuberance that only Brazil’s rich palette of natural resources can provide. Constantly striving for perfection in minutiae, his approach to landscape architecture highlights a dual poetics: the marriage of the local and the exotic; the visual and the tactile; the silent and the magnificent. In this scenic garden, Hanazaki escapes from what is usually expected of Brazilian imaginary. The lavish presence of water and the luxury of the stone on the walls establish a balanced environment. At the same time, delicate flora is accurately ordered through a bold geometry. Instantly, Hanazaki’s synthesis of art and nature blossoms. View more View full description
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