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As part of UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, Bjarke Ingels Group has proposed a vision for the world’s first resilient and sustainable floating community, designed to accommodate 10,000 people. “Oceanix City” is a response to the prediction that by 2050, 90% of the world’s largest cities will be exposed to rising seas, resulting in mass displacement, and the destruction of homes and infrastructure. The scheme is anchored in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, enacting circular flows of food, energy, water, and waste. The city is designed to grow, transform, and adapt organically over time, with a scalable approach transitioning from neighborhoods to infinite cities. The two-hectare modular neighborhoods can accommodate up to 300 residents in a mixed-use space for living, working, and gathering during the day and night. All built structures are kept below 7 stories to create a low center of gravity and resist wind, while a fan-like form offers shading for internal spaces and the public realm. View more View full description
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