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5Lmeet is located in a narrow Hutong alleyway within Second Ring Road in Beijing. The project itself was an abandoned soy sauce factory surrounded by the old gray-tiled buildings . It is not far from the historical Duan Qirui Prime Minister’s Office, and next door is the old residents living for decades. 5Lmeet is an innovative space in an old community. Client and design firm worked together to study the social and spatial requirements of activities space to provide design input conditions. Operating team and designers in-depth communication ensured that the project content and future interaction with the perfect combination of space. 5Lmeet includes restaurants, bookstore, self-service shop, offices and apartments although area is not large. The design concept of the project is originated from enclosing culture of traditional Chinese courtyard. The “floating island” is formed by cutting the floor, the traditional architectural culture view is expounded with modern technique. This transparent display space in the internal space becomes the most important feature . “Floating island” becomes the most efficient use of the region with a hundred activities per month. View more View full description
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