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Metropolitan studio of Architecture (MSA) collaborated with WARDA, a clothing brand, on designing their new stores, which are planned in various cities of Pakistan. 'Re-tale' is the second flagship store in this series. The first store was designed in  Peshawar, Pakistan named ‘Crafting a Retail’. Each flagship store is designed keeping in mind the idea that it will serve as a rejuvenating device for the brand. MSA has taken this collaboration as an opportunity to look closely at the retail culture of Pakistan in general and WARDA retail strategies in specific. These explorations helped in developing an overall thematic of the brand, where context becomes the central focus of the aesthetics of the flagships. This seven thousand square feet area of the flagship distributed in, ground, mezzanine, first and second-floor levels is located in the city of Rawalpindi- a twin city of the capital Islamabad, Pakistan. The city of Rawalpindi is situated in the area which was historically part of Great Gandhara civilization and in proximity to one of the major cities of the civilization, Taxila.  The civilization flourished in the northwest of Pakistan from 6th c BC to 5th AD. In Rig Vedic time's people living in the Peshawar valley and the modern district of Rawalpindi, were called Gandhara. View more View full description
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