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A lightweight material par excellence, Zinc is a non-ferrous metal that provides an effective solution for coating buildings exposed to adverse weather condition while simultaneously delivering a creative response to the requirements of the program and the users of the project. When in contact with humidity, Zinc panels generate a self-protecting layer that isolates heat from indoor spaces during the summer. Rain and snow, slide easily over its surfaces, and its modular panels can wrap curved shapes or be perforated according to the architectural design, and combined in facades and/or ceilings through different shades, brightness, and colors. Compared to other metals, its refinement requires less energy Used for centuries, Zinc is one of the most abundant metals on Earth, surpassed only by 23 other chemical elements. For this reason, its extraction is relatively easy (avoiding strip mining, and the deterioration of the earth) and its refinement (smelting and processing) requires less energy than other metals such as aluminum (75% less), copper or steel (50% less). View more View full description
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