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La Casa por el Tejado, a company specializing in the construction of old buildings, duplicated both the living spaces and the number of floors of an apartment building on Avenida Meridiana in the El Clot neighborhood of Barcelona. The new residences were built off-site in 12-weeks time and in accordance with the building's original dimensions and characteristics.  The three new floors will align with the existing building with an architectural treatment whose design process and final approval was introduced by the Barcelona City Council's Commission of Architecture. The construction process has not only rehabilitated the old building by adding the new floors and living spaces but has also added to the value of the building and to the comfort of the residents living there.  In the interior of the building, there is a plan to build a grand central patio where the central stairway will begin, giving access to the new residences. This new patio will be home to a green space that will ventilate the building and allow natural light to enter. In this sense, the project will also lead to a significant reduction in energy costs, not only through the addition of green space but also through its use of certified and recycled materials. Eighty percent of the steel used in the construction is recycled and the covering is designed to avoid the thermal points of the building. All of the water systems, like ventilators, air conditioning, and water heaters, will be controlled by an air source heat pump.  View more View full description
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