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Dense cities mean small homes. With more and more frequency we are forced to adapt to spaces within which some elements simply do not fit. As architects, these restrictions actually provide us with opportunities and remind us that our goal is to give precise solutions to specific problems. Designing with infinite number square meters and/or an unlimited budget is practically unheard of. What's the key to accommodating everything? Let's review some effective storage solutions for minimum, tight spaces. Combine Storage With Indispensable Furniture A good strategy can be to merge storage spaces with pieces of furniture that are essential to each room and adapting them to fulfill several functions at the same time. Make A Closet Under The Bed The bed is crucial in a bedroom and we can’t (and probably shouldn't) reduce its standard size. In a small room without built-in cabinets or a closet, the free space under the bed –generally under-used and difficult to clean– can help us avoid having to add new furniture that obstructs the passage or eats up valuable space in the room.If you have the necessary ceiling height, the bed can be raised to incorporate a bar for clothes hangers, in addition to drawers and shelves with a large storage capacity. If you want something discreet, the drawers can be lower and go completely unnoticed, or be covered with attractive materials that match the style of the room. View more View full description
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