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You're an architect so you know organization is key. You think you’re on top of all the categories, rules and folders in Outlook that you've created to get by. You file away all of your emails by project and category, but time and again, your email search function fails you and finding any file is a nightmare. SiteSupervisor is a one-stop shop that replaces the hassle of using email and Dropbox. The communication features within SiteSupervisor allow you to view all your project-related correspondence with other consultants and project members in an organized manner. You don’t have to trudge through every email that contains the words “design program” or “sketch detail.” This makes it so much easier to find and filter what you really need. Benefits of the Application Open & Close In SiteSupervisor SiteComms, you can Open and Close, or Archive your mail – an easy way to keep track of what’s been done and what hasn’t. You may think the ‘to-do’ flag on Outlook is handy, until you realize that you had over 50 flagged items that had accumulated over weeks without being properly actioned. For some reason, the ‘Tasks’ capability in Outlook is like the well-intentioned Christmas gift that everyone thinks you need, but you don’t really, so it sits there gathering digital dust. Email, in general, can have so many capabilities, too many even, and then at the end of the day, you’re looking at what other plugins you can install to make it better, easier, more conducive to a productive working day. SiteSupervisor does it simply without losing functionality; open, closed or archived, no flagging necessary. View more View full description
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