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Northern Ireland-based architect John Donnelly has launched a studio dedicated to the production of finely-detailed plaster-cast architectural models exploring the diverse built environment of Belfast, Northern Ireland. “Model Citizen” was founded to promote public understanding and appreciation of the architecture and craftsmanship present in Irish cities, manifesting as an ongoing series of intricate sculptures. Model Citizen sees its sculptures, available for closer inspection here, as a “mechanism to emphasize the beauty and significance of our built heritage,” translating art deco, brutalist, and internationalist styles into tangible, tactile sculptural objects that can be held, felt, and explored. Whilst studying Architecture at University I used the medium of concrete and plaster cast models to explore form and texture during the design process.  In architectural education students are actively encouraged to use physical model making as a tool to explore and present a design. Unfortunately, this tactile process is mostly absent in modern architectural practice where the focus is increasingly shifting towards digital working methods. It was with this in mind that I started the Model Citizen project in my spare time to explore and interpret the built environment that surrounds me and to re-engage with the craft of architecture by creating beautiful physical models which combine traditional casting techniques and digital technology.-John Donnelly, Founder, Model Citizen View more View full description
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