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Yona Friedman is a French architect and urban planner with more than 92 years of experience that has led him to participate in numerous events, including the Venice Biennial and the Shanghai Biennial. One of his most important works was published in 1958, entitled L'Architecture Mobile, which exposed one of his most ambitious projects named: "La Ville Spatiale", a utopia that recycled mega-structures of existing cities to provide citizens with the chance to live with complete flexibility in their decisions. The late '50s and decades of the '60s and '70s were impregnated with what represented a new way of speaking about architecture through collages and drawings techniques that are very characteristic of this era. Yona Friedman is one of the pioneers of this type of representation and through different publications and projects with people, by people and for people has shown that great ideas require a great capacity for synthesis and creativity. View more View full description
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