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The commission requested a building with six apartments on Iztaccíhuatl street in the Condesa Neighborhood of Mexico City. Recent re-densification of this consolidated urban area generates disparate building heights among older and contemporary structures. Parting from this fact the project proposed a grid that forms a transition between the heights of two neighboring buildings. The building´s structure is a series of concrete columns, walls, and slabs that result in the framed shape of front façade. Longitudinally the typologies are divided in three sections; the public areas toward the front against the street, services at the center with light and ventilation wells, and finally the private areas at the back of the site with a view of rear balconies and a garden. Each apartment´s distinct typology is distributed within the interior of the exposed concrete frame. A slight change of interior floor levels in the slabs separates the public and private quarters. This shift in the slab also permits a variation of ceiling heights that create distinct spatial atmospheres within both interior and exterior rooms. View more View full description
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