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The construction is rebuilt base on an old house with 70m2 using floor. Before reforming, the house includes a living room, a bedroom, kitchen, restroom and terrace up stair. There is a small void in the ending of house which just enough to get sunlight for kitchen while the bed room is dark and stuffy. The front of house is covered by a kiosk with ceramic floor and sheet metal roof. The owner demand for more space with more function, make the house brighter and greener as well as bring the new form of house which is modern and simple. The architects and engineers of H2 was surveyed the site so that the house’s structure is enough to add more than 2 floors and the space is designed to solve the need of owner. + Increase the using space belong to the owner need: At the ground floor, we replace the ceramic and sheet metal roof by the garden with trees; the living room is made wider; parents bed room, kitchen and restroom are laid out so that the void behind the house can get sunlight for every corner. The exist stair is given away for the new one. At the second floor, we cut a grid of floor to form a void which thorough out 3 floors; the front is reading room with adding floor for green space, middle is void and room for gym, behind is kid bedroom. View more View full description
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