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In line with the prognosis that the sea by the promenade is to grow increasingly cleaner, it is feasible that a new city beach may appear along the promenade. Successful similar examples show that a city beach is not only an area where people take a dip in the sea but that city beaches can become the most important free-time socialising space. Since the densely developed old town core does not allow for a sufficient number of large open spaces and constrains their size, and since we need to understand that convivial bustle, concerts, and late-night events disturb the residents in the immediate vicinity, the placement of such programme in the area under consideration is all the more suitable. The heterogeneous forms of development which characterise present-day Koper - the old town core, the residential suburbs, the commercial and service development belt in the former salt-pond area, and the inescapable presence of all the infrastructure required by a modern seaport call for a space with an inwardly oriented form enabling a visual escape, but whose scale and outward expressiveness would rise above the heterogeneity of development around it and tie it all together. View more View full description
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