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After the dissolution of the Bauhaus due to Nazi political pressure in April 1933, the ideas, teachings, and philosophies of the school were flung across the world as former students and faculty dispersed in the face of impending war. Of the numerous creative talents associated with the Bauhaus, many went on to notable careers elsewhere. Some made a living as artists or practitioners, others either continued or began careers as teachers themselves - and many did both throughout the course of their lives. The revolutionary pedagogy that both defined and doomed the school was carried across the world as the students and faculty sought new homes, transforming a relatively contained philosophy into the era-defining movement that encompassed the globe. Some founded schools of their own to continue their work, others joined existing institutions and disrupted them from within, leaving a trail of modernism and interdisciplinary teaching in their wake. It is no stretch to say that this diaspora has had an effect on architectural/design education so significant that it remains to this day.  View more View full description
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