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The BYL Houses are located on the highest buildable area of the slopes on the south side of Cerro Manquehue. This hill is located on the east side of the city, 1,638 meters above sea level, rising as the highest peak in the Valley of Santiago. In its natural state, the 5,200 m2 plot is characterized by its steep slopes, of which were altered partially and leveled prior to the project to locate a house, an internal road, an area for a swimming pool and trails that connect these spaces. The assignment consisted of reforming and taking full advantage of the existing structure of the house, to build two new and independent houses of 440.50 m2 in total, for two families. For this purpose, it was decided to use as a reference concrete structural walls of the first floor, which served as the main guideline for the requirements of the project. The second floor and everything else was demolished. View more View full description
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