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The home designed by Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura is located in a small inner town of 1,000 inhabitants, to the south of Valencia, with a natural environment of great interest that gives rise to spectacular views from the house in medium and long distance. The project is defined by two pure prismatic volumes, of different height, that as a response to the program of needs, and rotated among themselves 90 degrees, give rise to a large external patio on which the house overturns, and a double interior height that articulates the two floors. In response to the two white prisms, the exterior enclosure in anthracite gray, limits the private outdoor space, and gives privacy to the interior program of the ground floor. The contrast in the surface treatment of both volumes between the ground floor and the upper one is remarkable: while in the ground floor the proportion of large glazed recesses is more important, facilitating continuity with the exterior space, on the upper floor the solid predominates over the hole and resorts to systems of vertical slats that protect from the sun of the west, increase the privacy of the areas at night, and generate the desired volumetric continuity to the house. View more View full description
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