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Believing that the shoe shopping experience should feel fun, leisurely and exciting, Renesa Architecture Design Interiors has designed this concrete B2B store chamber with a tinge of brass displaying "elite footwear" range by Aeon Sports//One8 Select.  This 1200 sq ft footwear spatial experience revolves around the theme of merging Architectural Brass Cleat detailing into the sole cleat detailing. From fairly restricting and seeking to highlight the product , the design is inviting and open with the feeling of walking into a gallery along with the conference table and waiting lounge for the official meeting zones on the other side. The mirrors lining on both sides of the store visually expand the spatial experience and reflect the shoe installation walls at various angles. RENESA STUDIO has literally taken one8 as a design principle to depict the different shapes in the numeric 1 and 8 digits and add a character to the brand value.  View more View full description
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