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The new Kindergarten - Nová Ruda in Vratislavice nad Nisou - solves the need of the city district regarding its growing population, by providing educational spaces and a leisure area for children. The plot is the property of the city and was chosen as most suitable for the new housing development planned in the immediate vicinity and the new kindergarten. The site itself is still undeveloped and the larger part of the land is defined as public greenery. In the immediate vicinity there is a historic building, a secondary art school, and several patches of family houses, which as a whole, form a rather rural context. The quality of the chosen plot was not entirely appropriate as it is a north-facing slope, shaded by the high school building, crossed by several infrastructure routes. Reinforced concrete communication and  the parking area limited the area for the kindergarten itself. All these restrictions, the Czech standards for the construction of pre-school facilities, as well as the new trends in the quality of the environment in which children are being educated, crystallized in the submitted proposal for a new kindergarten building. View more View full description
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