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The final look of the building is determined not only by the materials, texture, colors and forms of the space, but also by lighting design. Architecture is all about vision, and lighting enhances the way we perceive architecture even more. For example, in the case of outdoor lighting design, lighting the façade will give a new opportunity for a building to showcase its nightlife “personality” by creating a completely different atmosphere in the surroundings. Let’s see how façade lighting design can be implemented in Revit with the help of the LIGHTS add-on. LIGHTS is a lighting design application, which features over 70 families of lighting fixtures, includes photometric web files, accurate technical data, and real-life functionalities. The LIGHTS plugin for Revit includes a great variety of lighting fixtures for different applications ranging from industrial lights to bollard lighting fixtures for both interior and exterior use. It enables its users to create lighting design easily, fast and stress-free whilst working within the Autodesk Revit. By using the plug-in the users can drag and drop selected lighting fixtures directly to the model as well as easily adjust specifications such as color temperature, beam angle or cashing color. View more View full description
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