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Because of buildings, people have their residences. Similarly, people can see the world on ground of opening the doors and windows. CIVROexhibition hall, situated in the old factory building in Yuejie, an area in Shanghai, in which CROXisinvited to create the concept space of infiniteenframed scenery. Regarding the display function which has been placed in old building space, architects would like to enhance the charming features of original spacewith the least design involvement in terms of their initial settings. Namely, the simplest lines are used to describe the meaning of life in an abstract manner, which makes an analogy with footprints on the path of life and runs through different spaces, stretching out the infinite enframed scenery. In CIVRO exhibition hall, "line" shuttlesback and forth in it without boundary, and spreads numerous forms of space composition, and thus forms a free and open pattern.Combined with different applicable situations, it has shaped a space with flexible property. View more View full description
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