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The world's largest waste-to-energy plant by Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Gottlieb Paludan is set to open next year on the outskirts of Shenzhen, China. The new plant is made to handle 5000 tons of waste per day within a simple, clean, and iconic structure. It will incinerate waste and generate power while teaching residents about the waste-energy cycle. The project aims to showcase new developments in China's waste-to-energy sector and share them with the world.  With a population of 20 million, Shenzhen produces 15,000 tonnes of waste a day, a number that is increasing approximately 7% per year. To counteract this, Shenzhen Energy's new plant not only uses the most advanced technological processes in waste incineration but also act as a source of education for the citizens of the city. In a single day, the plant will handle roughly one third of the waste generated by Shenzhen's inhabitants.  View more View full description
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