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Today, China is leading a revolution in the new retail area around the world. The online e-commerce giants represented by Alibaba and Tencent are actively expanding the offline retail sector. On the contrary, the traditional offline retail industry is also seeking for the online model. The new resource-integrated retail approach formed by online and offline integration has become the hottest topic of this era. Heyshop in Shanghai Xintiandi is the offline practice of the new retail in the current online shopping era.  OMO NEW RETAILHeyshop is not traditional retail. It is a new type of collection store, driven by big data, merging online with offline (OMO). In the design process, we proposed a series of points to challenge the traditional retail and to comply with the new OMO model. Unlike the traditional retail, flexibility is the most crucial feature in Heyshop. The products displayed are not coming from different brands only. They are also coming from different categories. Based on the big data analysis, no product could guarantee itself be kept in the store all the time. Not only the brands, could the category be replaced in a different season. Today, Heyshop may sell cosmetics, while tomorrow, it may sell 3C products. Hence, it is the mission for this new type of OMO retail to continuously change the display type and recommend new products to the public.  View more View full description
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