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The East-bound “River Viewing Service Station” is a series of service stations located in the public space of the eastern bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The 22 stations are distributed in the entire east coast between Yangpu Bridge and Xupu Bridge. There’s a service station every kilometer, which is aimed to provide citizens with rest spaces and public toilets. The project originated from the first River Viewing Service Station completed in September 2017 at Lujiazui northern riverside and the renovation and design of the second River Viewing Service Station completed in December 2017 in Qiantan Leisure Park. In 2018, the River Viewing Service Station will be a standard supporting facility for the East Coast in Pudong New District. As the emergency projects, the first two River Viewing Service Stations only took one and a half months in design and completion respectively. The total design and construction period of the last 20 River Viewing Service Stations are only two months. It is almost impossible to complete the project with conventional design and construction procedures. So we have designed a standard unified building shape and summarized several different landing types based on different site conditions and topographical features, which differ in the relationship between the basic structural form and the site elevation. View more View full description
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