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New photographs have been released of OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), as construction continues in Taiwan. Consisting of three theaters, each functioning autonomously of each other, the OMA scheme seeks to depart from the traditional consensus of performing arts centers as simply containing a large auditorium, medium-sized theater, and small-size black box. OMA sees “no excuse for contemporary stagnation,” using the TPAC as an opportunity to experiment with the inner workings of theaters, leading to a dynamic external presence. Hence, the TPAC’s three theaters plug into a central cube combining stages, backstages, and support spaces into a single, efficient entity, allowing stages to be modified or merged for unforeseen scenarios.  The TPAC also departs from the conventional “front of house/back of house” program of theaters and performing arts centers. The compact form allows for several “faces” defined by the individual theater protruding from the central cube. The auditoria are imagined as “mysterious, dark elements against the illuminated, animated cube” of corrugated glass. View more View full description
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