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Designing commercial spaces has historically been a challenge. In these environments, spatial distribution plays a fundamental role, even more so if we have a few extra square meters. With this being said, the study of these spaces in plan and section can be a great starting point. It not only allows us to analyze the logistics and circulation of customers but also helps us find efficient variations and innovations that will enable your store to stand out from the others. Below, we've selected a series of 25 examples in plan and section that can help you understand how different architects faced the challenge. I Find Everything / Makoto Yamaguchi Design / 20 m2 ALL SH / Linehouse / 20 m2 Zuo Corp / Super Super + Inside/Outside / 27 m2 retaW Store Harajuku / Nobuo Araki/The Archetype / 27 m2 View more View full description
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