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The Vale do Tua Interpretive Center of (CIVT) is placed in two unoccupied old railway warehouses. Situated in opposite sides of the Douro line, the proposed program was for each of them explored the complementarity and the character of each building. To intervene in the impressive landscape of  Douro is a huge challenge and a great privilege. With this responsibility, we developed the project with the idea of memory and transformation always present, trying to make the reading of the values of the place point to clues for change. The railway context was a factor of organization of the existing constructions, introducing a longitudinal reading of the whole set (besides all the security constraints). The intervention in the wooden south building, implied the creation of new external platforms of access and a more assumed design in the treatment of the public space and the connection with the street. This building was recovered from board to board, is now transformed into the large reception space with a complementary program of sanitary facilities and storage installed in a volume/container that does not touch the existing one, allowing the reading of the original space and the appreciation of its structure . View more View full description
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