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After the construction of the Museum of the Desert of Atacama, this second piece is inserted into the life of the Park, putting once again in value the Ruins, as the main protagonist of the place. Consistent with the idea of not appearing as a building, an element emerges from the ground, which sets the stage of the Theater and converts the esplanade into a viewpoint to the Ruins and the sea, allowing the visitor to dominate and overwhelm before the fantastic and unique environment. The project is a habitable roof, which towards the Ruins is presented with a comfortable scale in the form of bleachers, which allow the viewer to have a direct, complete front perception of the Monument, on the upper level a terrace allows 360º panoramic views, dominating the landscape completely. The grandstands also allow a different place for the development of various uses and artistic expressions, keeping the visitor with the great and complete scenery, The ruins. View more View full description
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