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Car manufacturer Jaguar has teamed up with architect Tom Barton of Barr Gazetas to imagine the consequences of an electrified automotive future on cities. Taking four case studies across the United Kingdom, the team speculated on existing infrastructural issues, and the opportunities for improvement made possible by the advent of electric cars. With 180,000 electric vehicles on UK roads in 2018 and 1 million estimated by 2020, the case studies imagine a future where green alternatives to fossil fuels power transport and buildings in zero-emission cities. Below, we have republished the four scenarios, featuring a motorway, inner-city car park, industrial wasteland, and a wider urban landscape. Motorway Scenario Barr Gazetas: We reimagined Forton Services as an architectural intervention that could be completed today. The removal of the petrol/diesel forecourt brings the building to the foreground, improving offerings of retail and leisure the cars can be charged in the car park.                   View more View full description
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