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A team of Dutch design studios have won the competition for a new high-rise development next to the Leidsche Rijn station in Utrecht. Architekten Cie, Karres en Brands, KCAP and Geurst & Schulze joined together to create a development of three towers with over 1,000 residences. Mixing social housing with medium to high rent apartments, the project weaves together collective spaces around sustainable urban living. Redefining high-rise design, the vertical village aims to bring Utrecht's landscapes into the sky. Dubbed MARK, the new vertical village is designed to provide an affordable, social and inclusive community while integrating new mobility concepts. The design will, among other strategies, provide a fleet of 100 shared cars for the future inhabitants. Made with an urban forest at its heart and urban agriculture at every level, the project aspires to promote healthy urban living. Drawing from the agricultural history of Leidsche Rijn, the village plan was created with an agricultural production system to provide all residents with local vegetables and fruit. View more View full description
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