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Architecture studio “BLACKhome” and the creative real estate brand “ZHAOYANG Real Estate” created a new three-dimensional community for young people – Youth union type of FOSHAN O-Cube.The “Creative Imagination Space” is located on the top floor of this skyscraper and is an important part of the youth union program. Work And LifeThe change of production methods and improvements of efficiency, With the involvement of high-speed networks, the boundaries between work and life have become increasingly blur. The “fragmented” time requires that a single space not only has the flexibility of function, but also requires various living and working scenarios exist simultaneously. Privacy And OpennessThe increasingly mature high-speed network environment and the technology are redefining the "privacy" and "openness" . The physical "privacy" and the "openness" on the Internet have gradually become the new normality of young people. Life is like this, and work is even more. View more View full description
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