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The GG house is located in a privileged site surrounded by vegetation in a gated community. The natural slope of the terrain allows the house to sit on top of the hill and hide the service area below the ground. This allows us to solve the program in three levels, but still maintain the composition of two overlapping volumes that sit just on top of the terrain. In order to maintain the most existing trees possible, we decided to push the ground floor back and locate the house´s massing in-between existing trees. This favored the house´s main entrances, which is surrounded by vegetation and reinforces the terrain´s natural slopes. Even though the two concrete volumes on the façade generate a rather enclosed image on the front, the back of the house is completely open. Transparency was a main focus during the design process and helped us envision the different connections among programs. The floor to ceiling windows along the perimeter helped us achieve this transparency and create a direct connection between interior and exterior. Even though one is located inside the house, it appears as If you were outside because of the proximity with the surrounding nature. The living room, the kitchen, the family room and the gym have sliding doors, which allows the whole house to open up, transforming the entire house into a terrace. View more View full description
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