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Childhood home of the wife of the client is a combination of Japanese and western style house built in the beginning of Showa era which stands on a hill about 15-minute’s walk from Kamakura station, historic town and tourist destination. It is located on slope of a hill looking down garden in east, verdant environment where wild squirrels run about in trees and flowers. Becoming decrepit 90 years after the construction, the house once faced difficulty in maintaining and surviving with imminent issues of inheritance. Environment of a building could be transformed once the ownership of the property is transferred, and building and trees torn down. However if measures had not been taken, the cost of maintenance would have increased further for the client. After discussing several options, the client decided to donate their Japanese traditional style and western style house together with the land to Kamakura city as “Former Sakai Residence”, to be preserved as registered tangible cultural property. Furthermore it was decided to be utilized as the office of Kamakura Scenery Preservation Commission and be actively maintained. View more View full description
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