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This pavilion is a part of a project “Open-Air Flat” organized by PIK Group – a leading real estate developer in Russia – for Picnic “Afisha” music festival. Pop-up structures that symbolized the rooms of an abstract flat were situated in different areas of Kolomenskoye park, where the festival has been taking place since 2007. The object is a reinterpretation of a living room which is a common space for communication and activity in any flat. Not by chance it was situated in one of the most crowded areas of the festival just between food court and main music stage. This specific location implied the pavilion to be an art object as well as having a clear practical purpose. With its semi-transparent walls constructed out of rainbow-colored plastic tubes, the pavilion truly stood out from the surroundings. Inside this building is divided into various compartments. Each of them has a separate and individual structure forming together an accurate rectangular-shaped form filled in with an irregular grid of white metal framework and plastic tubes. Deliberately uneven sections create a dynamic and expressive composition that brings a slight ripple into this seemingly austere shape. Situated on a bright green lawn, the multi-colored living room pavilion can be compared with a glitch effect that had suddenly appeared in a CGI landscape. View more View full description
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