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The project for the musicality school is born from a great conversation about the processes of musical learning and creativity. As a result of this symbiosis, key concepts arose to which the architecture of the new space had to respond: awakening musical curiosity / discovery, the circle, collective practice and community, awareness of space and body plus sustainability. These concepts are developed through the following tools:Light and colorUndoubtedly the first key element in the conditioning of space occupying a ground floor or a basement is to provide suitable lighting qualities for the activity. We have sought to obtain as much natural light as possible in the interior, always negotiating with the requirement of acoustic isolation. To achieve this we’ve decided to open a 2 meters diameter circular window in the entrance classroom in order to get light in depth on the distributing spaces. A periscope mirror device has been introduced into the mezzanine classroom to connect interior and exterior sunlight. View more View full description
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