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‘Torvehallen’ – a covered market in RyA small charming railway town of Ry, surrounded by large forests, hills and lakes, has a new wooden building – a construction designed by DANØ Arkitektur, to effectively define and activate the central urban square. The building provides a covered space, a flexible shelter from the sun and rain for almost any activities – market, concerts, children’s play or just a place to relax, but – equally important - to give the urban space character and identity – even when the structure and the square is left empty. Archetypal longhouse The building is a charming addition to the townscape. It comprises a simple longhouse with open gables and a front with transverse strips made from black-painted wood. It is discreet and simple, yet has a certain presence due to its height, restrained lines and its archetypal design. View more View full description
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