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There's a certain rare feeling that all architects share once they leave school: they don't know what they know. Design? Not really. Technical details? You'll need a specialist for that. Can you build this from scratch? I still need some practice. So, what do you really know? In this article, we'll share six skills that you learned as an architect that you probably aren't even aware of. The Ability of Abstraction To even begin a project, you need to have the ability of completely abstract spatial reasoning to get a clear idea of the tri-dimensional components needed to fill an empty space or to undergo a remodeling. You can see this way of thinking in any architectural design that contains a considerable quantity of information. It's a challenge for many people to grasp abstract thought, but for architects, to create an abstract idea of physical space, put it on paper, and be able to explain it is all in a day's work.   View more View full description
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