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This house was designed for a private client in 2014 and completed 2016. It is situated in a rural area east of Stockholm and the site has a dynamic topography with visible granite rocks, view over a beautiful landscape and magnificent trees of a great variety – mainly oak and pine. Our ambition was to create a building with a clear architectonic shape and structure that would follow the conditions set by context and as much as possible blend into the surroundings but at the same time create a contrast to the organic landscape. We believe this is achieved by the repetitive pattern of the facades and simple geometries as well as the decision to divide the program into two volumes. The main volume contains public functions such as cooking, dining and socializing and the other rooms for media, work and sleep. The volumes are slightly angled to better follow the topography and hence simplify construction as well as to create better views from the interior of the house and an exterior space between the two volumes. View more View full description
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