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Situated in front of a local mall in Nakorn Ratchasima, some 250 km northeast of Bangkok and gateway to the Northeastern provinces of Thailand, the market offers a diverse array of goods. The name “Dadad” meaning “various or plentiful ” in Northeastern slang best captures the essence of this temporary market, serving as a gathering spot for locals and youngsters alike.  In Thailand’s hot climate, after the sun falls and heat fades, the streets come alive with the colorfully lit tents and food stalls of local merchants. The project celebrates this spontaneous phenomenon, creating floating structures of light in the night-time cityscape.  While signaling and attracting customers from a distance, the floating light-boxes also showcase the eclectic merchandise and movement underneath it. The structure itself can be easily dismantled and re-assembled. It consists of repetitive pipe members and clamps similar to those of typical scaffolding system. Simple frames in a check-board layout create a microcosm of little plazas and alleyways accessible from many directions. View more View full description
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