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This house is located in a residential area in Tokyo and designed for a married couple with 2 children and their 2 cars. Though this residential area is located in dense city center, most of the residents have a built-in car garage with a shutter. Since houses in this area built in a small and narrow plot, the typical house with built-in garage has their living space back of the garage where lighting and ventilation condition is inadequate. This project aimed to redefine the typology, which is repeatedly built in this area, to show possibility to improve living condition. This house has a hall of 2 stories height on the roadside and 3 stories living space on the backside. The hall has a wide opening, openable top lights, a large highside light and a double sliding window. This hall is mainly used as a garage, but it also improve lighting and ventilation condition of the living space and provides expanse of space to them. What is more, the hall works as a buffer zone between the living space and the street. View more View full description
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