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[Context of the City]Honggutan New District is a newborn city area of Nanchang on the west bank of the Ganjiang River. Like all the other China's burgeoning urban new districts, it is focused on building efficiency among a one-time, large-scale construction wave. The cloud center is located in the geometric center of a newly built office industrial park. The surrounding hardware facilities are fully mature. On the south side is a block of business, on the west side is a youth apartment, and on the east side is a low-rise office. The north side is a landscaped square. High-speed urban construction has only completed the functional level of demand. For such an emerging park far from the city center, it takes a long time to develop the community spirit and establish more complete public activities. So we also formed the original intention of our design: let the young people who are new to the park, in addition to work and life, can also "play" here. View more View full description
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