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Danish office 3XN has unveiled finalized designs for their Sydney Fish Market project after announcing their attachment to the project last June. The scheme, which is expected to begin construction in 2019, combines the traditional working market program with contemporary features and is intended to establish a strong public connection to the waterfront at Blackwattle Bay.  3XN's design is a contemporary take on the market archetype; the large, semi-open space is populated by rows of vendor stalls. Maintaining this free and human-scaled atmosphere was a primary focus of the design. The undulating roof form preserves both the essence of this typology and creates a modern icon for the waterfront.  While markets are traditionally known as open spaces, fish markets are often closed from the public, due to health risks posed by the machinery and processes. Rather than following this module, however, 3XN's design provides a strong visual connection to the interior functions, allowing the public indirect participation in the building's program.  View more View full description
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