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Located in São Paulo, the library was designed in an existing space attached to the main house. The place, plus the program inspired us to create a working and reading space, a refuge, with a double right foot and a short stretch with a simple right right foot, guided us to create wood panels cvered in straw in a room solely white. Glass Shelfs are supported by the same strcture of the panels. The doors are the wooden panels themselves, however, they are comouflaged in a way that doesn't lose it's continuity. We believe this continuity helps create a space of isolation and instrospection. In this way, the feeling of isolation from the outside world is steep. The library  has a natuaral light through openings in the space with double right foot. The artificial light that is integrated with the panels also back-lit.Has an automated remote control system that allows the creation of several scenarios: For reading, work, etc...  View more View full description
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