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In a world increasingly obsessed with the potential of Blockchain (the decentralized technology behind Bitcoin), lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire Jeffrey Berns has purchased an enormous 67,000-acre plot of the Nevada desert near Reno envisioned as an “experimental community” revolving around the technology. His company, Blockchains LLC, has worked in collaboration with Tom Wiscombe Architecture and Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects (EYRC) to design “Innovation Park” which will be “developed into a smart city with decentralized Blockchain underlying all infrastructure.” The city will be a mixed-use economy of housing, schools, financial, business, and retail concepts all taking advantage of emerging technologies. Based on the principles of efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and provenance, the scheme will feature autonomous vehicles circulating throughout vast buildings, married with a human-centric pedestrian experience through shaded green courtyards in large civic-scale spaces. View more View full description
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