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The project starts from an attractive challenge to committed: renew a tradition. Teide restaurant, located in a town near Valencia in Spain, is a classical one that has been able to upgrade from generation to generation without ever losing their original values: tradition, quality, proximity and well-being. After 20 years without renewing it´s time to rejuvenate and thereby also update its concept of space and kitchen.  Because all of this, the project proposes a solution of interior architecture, timeless, capable of maintaining the elegance of always combining it with freshness and modernity required.  For a long time the restaurant had been an almost hidden and disconnected access from the cafe space. Raised proposal, the project proposes to approach this space up to the main entrance. Two main rooms, restaurant and cafe, two sensations and two material codes dialogue from access to present to the user the two options of the same cuisine. To differentiate spaces, material and color choices has been instrumental in the project. Cafe arises with a cooler environment, global, natural light, where the wood of the floor guarantees the closeness and comfort of the user, which coexists with vegetation in a healthy environment. View more View full description
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