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With rising sea levels and incessant consumption of plastic, the state of the earth's oceans is rapidly deteriorating. Instead of discarding or burning this plastic, architects Erik Goksøyr and Emily-Claire Goksøyr questioned whether any architectural potential exists in this neglected material. By conducting an extensive material study, the duo designed three prototypes to postulate this theory.  Though starting out as a humble thesis, this project is being actualized under the organization, Out of Ocean. From the shores of the Koster Islands in Sweden, plastic samples were collected and studied for their various material performance in areas such as color, texture, light, and translucency.   In their first iteration, titled House of Texture, the plastic undergoes heat and compression that causes deformation and as a result, varied texture. From smooth and glossy to rough and jagged, these fragments can be combined together in a tectonic manner similar to aggregate used to make concrete due to their ribbed modular shape. The investigation informed that the characteristics of the original plastic could be retained partially, reiterating the issue of plastic waste while simultaneously increasing aesthetic appeal.  View more View full description
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