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To activate the historical and cultural significance of music in the city of Yekaterinburg, a design competition to create a new concert hall was announced earlier in April. From the 47 proposals that were submitted, the top three architectural concepts were recently selected by the jury committee, awarding first place to Zaha Hadid Architects, and the two runner-up positions to Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners and Robert Gutowski Architects respectively.  Despite selecting ZHA's proposal as the project laureate, all three projects are still in contention as the feasibility studies are ongoing. For the snowy climate of this Russian city, the buildability of the design continues to be under debate.  Having the buzz of a world-renowned firm definitely sparks more interest in the creation of the center, however, it draws the question as to whether such a proposal is suitable for the climate and program of Sverdlovsk, and the intentions behind this selection. The other two projects, equally as provocative, appear to be more feasible while maintaining the ambiance and heritage of the city. View more View full description
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