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Le Temps Pâtisserie is a popular dessert shop in Fuzhou which has been operated for several years. “LE TEMPS” are French words, with the meaning of “time”. The shop owner chose this name because she hoped that both pleasure of enjoying desserts and profound memories could be permanently preserved in spite of passage of time. RebirthThe shop is situated in an old plant within a creative industrial park which was repurposed from a factory zone. The old building features nostalgic charm, with mottled walls covered by green ivy leaves. As described in Bible, “God said, Let there be light. And there was light.” Light is the prerequisite for us to perceive the world, which can also comfort our mind. The design team introduced full natural lights into the space and kept large area of the walls in white. In this way, daylight penetrates the windows, falls on the black bar counter and creates fascinating interactions of lights and shadows, thereby forming a unique environment completely different from the outside, making people calm and relaxed. View more View full description
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