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Eventes Business Garden is an office center located in Matinkylä, Espoo. It has six floors of flexible and configurable office space and two underground parking floors. Flexibility was already tested during the design process when the building was transformed into the headquarters for the mining technology company Outotec. The ground floor features meeting and restaurant facilities. The E-shape of the building provides maximum window surface and rooms which are free-flowing and light. A large scale green wall was placed in the lobby to ensure air quality and well-being. At a distance the building appears white thus blending in with the surrounding architecture. By placing colorful surfaces between vertical white metal planes, the facade was made colorful in a way that becomes apparent when driving by the building. The angle of the spectator defines the vividness of the colors therefore creating a kinetic and transforming experience. The scaling of the vertical planes and the colorful surfaces in the facades are adjusted to the speed of passers by –the pedestrian side has a smaller and more vivid scale than the motorway side. View more View full description
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