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The unfinished Tripoli International Fair, designed by Oscar Niemeyer for the Lebanese capital, could become a UNESCO's World Heritage Site. Conceived in the 1960s at the request of the then President Fouad Chéhab, the fair remained a symbol of projected modernity for the country. The goal, however, was never achieved. The project, which began in the early 1960s, was scheduled for completion in 1966 or, in the worst case, 1967, but a succession of setbacks led to an unfinished design. Technical problems, incoherent budgets, construction delays and corruption in the construction sector led up to the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, resulting in the death of the project - which at the time was almost complete. The signature design of the concrete structure makes its author easy to deduce. The garden, where the fair is located, is by another master of Brazilian modernism, landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. On the 10,000-hectare garden, other buildings make up Tripoli's complex: an outdoor theater, a concert hall, a heliport and lodgings. View more View full description
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